Ishmael works to advocate for advances in environmental justice advocacy and to contribute to a more equitable delivery of services and programming for all Minneapolis residents


Ishmael remains committed to achieving the city of Minneapolis’ resident engagement goals to embed resident input into city policy and decision making processes


Ishmael Builds Partnerships and Alliances To Fight For Environmental Justice and Racial Equality and Inclusion So that Minneapolis' Boards, Commissions, Task Forces and Elected Officials Reflect The Great Cultural Interests of Its Residents

NCEC Updates and Highlights

Neighborhood Community Engagement Commission (NCEC) Announces The 4th Round of Funding for One Minneapolis Fund.  

 One Minneapolis Fund

The One Minneapolis Fund is designed to support the development of diverse leadership development and community engagement in the City of Minneapolis. Community or Cultural organizations should submit proposals for projects that develop leaders and engage communities. The organizations must be both:

  1. Grounded in cultural and/or community organizations and
  2.  Actively working toward building an inclusive Minneapolis.

The name “One Minneapolis” is used for the fund as a challenge to create an inclusive community in which all people are valued, all communities are engaged, and leadership mirrors the great diversity of our city. The One Minneapolis Fund is facilitated by the Minneapolis Neighborhood and Community Engagement Commission (NCEC) and is funded by the General Fund of the City of Minneapolis budget.

Click Here For Link to Application 

Any questions on the program should be submitted in writing to


Ishmael's Take on the NCEC

The work is as challanging as it is rewarding, the policies and agenda of the Commission serve to bridge the gap between residents and city government.  Bottom line, as an NCEC Commissioner my goal is to make it less cumbersome for residents to make an impact on how the city develops its priorities.


Over the past 15 years I have worked to to create broader access to decision making tables of the city for minneapolis residents and those residents who serve as representatives of the populus.  The wonderful amenities, programming and resources of Minneapolis must be made accessible to residents from all economic, ethnic and cultural backgrounds in Minneapolis.

I continue to work with residents and resident driven organizations to build a Minneapolis that reflects: racial equity and environmental justice.